Welcome to The Far Orchard

The Far Orchard is a long-term arts project developed by artists, Robbie Coleman & Jo Hodges in collaboration with the Barn arts centre in Banchory that connects living systems, food and community. The project is a rethinking of the traditional apple orchard where all trees grow together on single area of land. Instead, The Far Orchard creates an orchard that is distributed across Banchory with individual trees being offered a home in private gardens, schools, care homes and other places such as allotments. Each tree is cared for by its host and together the trees form a network that is connected by pollinating insects.

The Far Orchard is as much about creating, connecting and nurturing a community as it is about apple trees and as the trees grow; knowledge, growing tips, harvests, celebrations and friendships will develop and will be shared between The Far Orchard community, the Barn and the wider community of Banchory. At key points of the year such as harvest time, creative activities and events will take place where The Far Orchard community and the wider public will join in sharing, learning, creative celebration and exploring different aspects of our relationship with the natural world.

Around 100 new apple trees are being planted in April 2022 and there are lots of ways to get involved.

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